CotN ch9 pg310

posted 22 Aug 2016 04:42 am

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22 Aug 2016 04:42 am


Page 310


These two are the best of buddies.

With this update the comic will go on hiatus for a few weeks, since I won't have time to work on it. It should be back in October. As usual, if you like the comic and would like more frequent updates, please consider supporting it through patreon. The 2$ tier gets to see the comic pages early, as well as get exclusive first access to the pages of my second webcomic, The Knightmaiden, still in development.

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28 Oct 2016 07:02 am



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26 Aug 2016 12:06 am



Ah I'm sad that we have to wait till October. But oh well. So what I take from this is that this is a master/student fight? Wow... master must be really old then!

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